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North East Florida Beach Flying Guidelines

Here are guildelines for Flying the Beaches of North East Florida. We have met as a group and with City Council members to create a comprimise to allow us to peacefully share the beach with the local beach goers. Here are the guidelines that must be followed by every PPG pilot flying any of the beaches in North East Florida so that we may continue to enjoy the sight and sounds of our beaches. **If you are a visiting pilot, you need to contact Rod, Leslie, or another local pilot so that we can meet up for an additional safety briefing regarding launching areas, additional safety matters and controlled airspace restrictions prior to you flying the North East Florida Beaches.**
  • Absolutely NO Fueling on the sand or walkovers.
  • Vary Launch sites.
  • Launch and Leave your launch site.
  • Keep flight paths over the water, at an altitude that allows for a safe landing.
  • Do Not fly over the houses or decks.
  • Do Not fly over the dunes except on landing approach.
  • Avoid launching from Neptune Beach on weekends and holidays from Memorial Day through Labor Day unless conditions permit.
As pilot in command you are always responsible for your safety as well as the safety of bystanders. We are very proud of our safety record at the beaches. Continue be aware of your surroundings and of those nearby.

Fly Courteously, Respectfully and Safe!

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