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Late Summer fun with a few of our Local Pilots 2013

 (Rod, Chris, Tim)

Group: Rod, Marc & Tim
Tim on take-off. A fly-by from Marc. A swoop in from Tim.

Marc followed by Tim on a low pass on the deserted beach.
 Rod carving it up over the light surf.

Summer 2013

Its Solo time for Bob! Congrats on a fantastic first flight!

May 2013

May was a great month for intro flight! Thanks to Victor Spangler and his wife Ronnie for a great video. Here are a few pictures from the day. Check out the Outstanding video that Victor produced on our tandem page.

March 16-17 2013

Scott Adair and the Palm Bay Police Department hosted an awesome fly-in to benefit PAL at Valkaria Airport in Palm Bay, Florida. Many great flights and over a hundred of some of our closest flying friends made for a great weekend! The 1st Harlem Shake with PPG Pilots was also recorded. It was a blast! You can find it on youtube as the ppg harlem shuffle.

(closeup shots above, left to right: Frank, Marty, Eric, & Rob)

Feb. 2013 

Had a great weather day! Great friends and some Great Beach Flights!
(Tim, Marc, Rod & Steve)

Winter 2012 - Wow, How time flies!!!
2012 was filled with some of the wackiest weather I have ever seen. Yes, we got to fly some good days this year; but not in the quantities that we are used to. We are hoping that the new year will bring with it some great flying weather and great new pilots!

Fall 2012
Congrats to our latest solo foot launch pilot 
Marc!!! Marc left Experience PPG with 31 outstanding flights both inland and beach. His training was unfortunately scattered around many days of high winds and weird weather patterns; but he stuck it out and is now a confident PPG pilot flying his way towards his PPG2 with his PowerPluto2 and Titanium Ultra 130.

Summer 2012
Summer brought with it teenage daughters and the beach. As a gift to a few teens their parents wanted to introduce them to the fun of PPG and gave them the great birthday gift of an introductory training flight. I have never seen a more happy set of girls when they each landed. They had ear to ear smiles and were ready for more. Rod's youngest daughter, Cierra, made the trek down from Michigan this summer and started her intro to PPG training. She loved the beach tandem flight and began kiting shortly after. Im sure it'll be a while before Dad/Rod lets her fly solo... must be a father thing :)

May 2012

May for the PPG community means Beac
h Blast in Panama C
ity Beach, Florida. Thanks to John, Alex, Big Dave, Mike and everyone else who made yet another fantastic event possible. We were blessed to be able to make the trek west to the pristine white sand beaches and enjoy the  accommodations of theEdgewater Beach Resort, Home of Beach Blast. Rod was able to test out tons 
of new equipment and wings as well as do some more SIV Maneuvers training with Chris Santacroce from SuperFLy.It was a great surprise for my sister and her family to make the trek down to BeachBlast from Illinois. They weren't there for the PPG's, they came to visit the beach but my toddler nieces sure did enjoy pointing out all for the "pretty colored" gliders! The weather was great all week which made for some great flying along the beaches. It was great to hang out with our overseas friends and see them tear up the sky with their amazing talents. Can't wait until next year, it always gets better! I have a ton of pictures posted at my picasa account, feel free to check them out. pictures

Spring 2012
Congrats to our spring solo student Patrick! He worked diligently and tirelessly around windy days and has a very well rounded set of inland and beach skills with his Polini/Kangook unit. 

December 2011 & January 2012

This year, the new year brought a dream come true to a handicapped grandma! Thanks to Eric, Mike and duct tape for making this possible for Gram - She talks about this to everyone literally everyday. The new year brought a ton of joy to Gram but as we all know in the Florida PPG community, the new year always brings tricky weather. The windy weekend weather has delayed the solos of our latest students, hopefully February will bring some good flying weather!

November 2011
November means its time for Roar-n-Soar! We took the drive down to Polk city's Fantasy of Flight for their annual fall event. More than 20 fellow pilots and friends took part in showcasing PPG through morning and evening flights. We also enjoyed once again seeing all of the unique antique planes and artifacts that Kermit has collected over the years.


October 2011
Rob, Marty, Mike and Casey Lou stop through for a day of flying with us at American Beach.
Steve takes his first flight on his new Polini Thor with Titanium frame - He loves it!

May 2011

Beach Blast 2011
- was a great success! Rod was able to demo
many new wings and motors. He loved the 16m Katana. John and the Freedom Flight Center put on a great fly-in with hundreds of pilots in attendance. The USPPA Competition took place at Frank Brown Park. Leslie and many of our Paraflyer friends were Marshalls for the event; while Rod competed in his first official competition. The competition showcased many new talents in the sport and also put in motion ideas for changing the layout and scoring. If you would like to see picture of the trip check out. Picasa

March 2011

Rod and Experience PPG want to send a huge congrats out to Tim K for a fantastic solo and becoming the 1st student of Experience PPG.

Tim began training on weekends in February. The weather however did not decide to allow for flying until March 13th. On his solo date Tim completed a total of 5 flights. A week later we had another great evening window to fly where Tim gained another 5 flights. This past weekend Tim had a full day of great weather with some lower winds. Tim was able to complete a few forward launches bringing his current total to 16flights. Lets hope the wind dies down and allows for some low wind and no wind training flights. Update! During the following summer months, Tim flew at his 1st fly-in, completed over 100 flights and earned his PPG2 rating!


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