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Experience Powered Paragliding offers a full line of motors and gliders to fit each pilots individual needs.

Titanium Ultra is one of the most powerful units on the market in a power to weight comparison. The Ultra cage and frame is made of titanium and collapsable. It 
also comes with your choice of high or low attachment points. Depending on which motor you choose, your r
eady to fly weight is between 46-50lbs. The Ultra130 engine, by Air Conception, has electric start and 130lbs of thrust. The Moster185 motor, by Vittorazi, has an easy pull start and 155lbs of thrust. The Thor100 engine, by Polini has 130lbs of thrust and has a variety of starting options.


The Power Pluto II is based on the popular Power Pluto, but it has been improved in all its characteristics: The handling is still easy and more precise, whilst security has been proven by the EN-B test results. The glider has an innate 'self-centering' tendency in thermals, along with a greater top speed and improved glide ratio. These qualities make the Power Pluto II appealing to a wide range of pilots from complete beginners to sporty and also cross country pilots.
Available in XS-21m2, S-23m2, M-26m2, L-29m2, XL-33m2, XXL-38m2

The Power Vega II is a sporty wing that combines the high performance reserved for higher class gliders, with the safety of the standard class. Because of a high canopy stability and ease of learning, this glider received an EN-C (size S EN-B) classification at testing. It is a fast, dynamic, but also stable and predictable glider. Most pilots would choose this as a second or third wing in one’s flying career but for some it will be their final choice based on the ideal combination of performance, durability and safety.
Available in XS-21m2, S-23m2, M-25m2, L-27m2, XL-31m2

The Power Venus II is for pilots demanding high performance & direct handling. It is characterized by excellent performance with good passive safety and is therefore suitable for long x-country flights as well as competition. Available in XS-21m2, S-23m2, M-25m2, L-27m2, XL-30m2

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