Powered Paragliding

The Faces of ExpereincePPG

Instructor - Rod
 Rod is the primary instructor here at Experience PPG. A skydiver since 1997; Rod discovered Powered Paragliding while on a trip to south Florida. In 2005 Rod and his best friend saw a pilot flying along I-75 and followed the pilot back to Fly By Ranch. Rod quickly signed up to train with world renowned instructor, Eric Dufour. From there the rest is history. Rod completed his PPG1, PPG2, PPG3, Instructor and Tandem USPPA ratings. He has been a part of competition and maneuvers clinics from the best instructors and pilots in the world. From 2009-2010 Rod spent nearly 6 months training with and observing veteran instructor Eric Dufour to acquire an extensive skill set and knowledge base needed to be a quality PPG instructor. In June of 2010 Rod received his instructor rating from Eric Dufour, which was then certified by the USPPA. Rod continues to improve his skills, both as a pilot and an instructor, by flying all of the gear he can get his hands on, traveling to new flying sites, flying in new regions, learning, observing and networking with other instructors and taking courses that improve his skill set.

Leslie Britt
Leslie is a PPG Foot Launch and Trike Pilot. Leslie began flying in January of 2007. She began on trike and switched to foot launch in April of 2008. Leslie was a marshall for the 2008 US National Competition and visited the Czech Republic for the World Paramotor Championships in July of 2009. Though she doesn't fly as much now, She is an accomplished and respected pilot that brings a wealth of knowledge to Experience PPG.

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